Monday, April 13, 2009

Today Show Dredges Up The Dugger Family - Again

The Today Show (NBC) really is beginning to reach into the bottom of the barrel. I find that I am watching it less and less every week. Now they are lucky if I am tuned in past 7:30 AM.

The problem with today’s show was that they dug out the “Dugger” family again, in order to cover a big announcement the family was going to make. You may recall that the Dugger family is Jim Bob and Michelle Dugger – and their 18 children. That’s not a family, that’s two baseball teams. But the Today Show seems obsessed with this family, to the point that if one of them does something like ovulate, it seems Today has to cover it. The minute I heard that they were gong to cover another Dugger news flash, I decided that as soon as they were finished with the high points of news and weather, I was tuning the show out – and I did, sometime before 7:30. I found out later that the big news was that the eldest Dugger son and his wife are expecting a child.


I find it silly that the Today Show wants to spend any time on the Dugger family, whose only claim to fame is that they can pump out a lot of babies. Are we now going to be subjected to hearing about the family as every child of theirs pumps out kids of their own? It certainly looks that way. If the Today Show continues to cover this kind of unimportant event, then I likely won’t be tuning in at 7:00 AM anymore. It is a story like this that makes me think that the Today Show is losing its edge.

With all that is going on in the world these days – the weak economy, global warming, rising food prices, poverty, politics, war, pirates, genocide in Africa, etc. - I would think that on a scale of 0 to 10, the Dugger family rates about a –5 on the scale of importance in the grand scheme of things. Sure, even in tough times people need to be entertained, but do we have to see the same people over and over again? C’mon Today Show – show some creativity. There are plenty other people out there in the world that are actually doing good things to help make this world a better place. Take a cue from your colleague at Nightly News, Brian Williams, who often features news stories about people who are really making a difference.

As far as the Dugger family, please bury any future stories and any more like them. These stories really are beneath you.

For those of you who must watch, here’s the Dugger appearance on the Today Show. I refuse to look.

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Anonymous said...

I just read the comment a viewer made on the Dugger family. I checked out their book at the public library on Tuesday and I read the whole book. I felt like the viewer until I read their book. I have to admire them. They have chosen to have the children God gives them and they take NO handouts from any government office. I'm sure they get a stipend from the TV shows but if you will read their book you will see that they deserve it. They are an amazing family and I personally think they should prevent any further pregnancies because of Michelle's age. I admire them very much, but one thing is I wish she would get her hair cut and styled. I don't know how she has time to take care of that long hair and it is not attractive, she is very pretty. Oh well....