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Raising the Bar “Bobbi Ba-Bing” One Loss, One Win, One Reconciliation

Jerry Kellerman (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) loses a case to Marcus McGrath (J. August Richards) but wins back Bobbi in this episode of ”Raising The Bar” (TNT) “Bobbi Ba-Bing.” Jerry defends a man who stabbed another inmate in prison. The problem is complex for Jerry because the man appears to have been wrongly incarcerated, but Judge Ventimiglia (Jon Polito) won’t let Jerry bring that piece of information into evidence. The man, who had been constantly beaten by prison gangs, was told by the gang to stab a rival rang member if the man wanted the beatings to stop. The gang also had threatened his brother. Despite the defendant’s impassioned testimony and Jerry’s good summation, he is found guilty.

But a twinge of jealousy hits Bobbi Gilardi (Natalia Cigliuti) when Jerry gets flirty with a young, attractive woman who is testifying as an expert witness for Jerry. When Bobbi’s jealousy becomes obvious to Jerry, he reminds Bobbi that she is the one who pushed him away. Apparently Bobbi comes to the conclusion that if she wants Jerry she needs to stop alienating him and isolating him. When Jerry returns to the office after losing his case, he finds a messages left on his desk, pointing him to a map telling him where to go. He doesn’t know who left the message but he goes there anyway – it’s a hotel bar. When he sees Bobbi waiting there, he’s pleasantly surprised, and even more so when she hands him a hotel room key card. Needless to say, they make use of that hotel room.

Roz (Gloria Reuben) and members of her staff are conducting interviews for a new staff member. One person, Ashlee (Autumn Reeser) wins out when she gives information to Richard Woolsley (Teddy Sears) during the interview process that would help him to get the charges dismissed against his client, a homeless panhandler who was arrested for loitering. Teddy seems pleased with this new hire, until Ashlee goes overboard and decides to create a class action suit against the DA and the city for wrongfully arresting their client and others like him. Teddy tries to slow her down and tells her it needs Roz’s approval. Roz also wants Ashlee to cool her jets, but tells her – with Teddy riding shotgun - to take the individual case for Teddy’s client to the city’s lawyers to see what she can shake loose. But Ashlee goes overboard after she feels the city’s attorney is blowing them off, and tells the attorney that a class action suit is in the works. This brings the smarmaliscious Nick Balco (Currie Graham) to the public defender’s office to see Roz, a move that seems to cause mouths to drop in the office. Roz uses it as a chance to get Nick to get a better offer for their client when she back off the class action suit, a case she really didn’t want to take on anyway, but Nick didn’t know that.

When Teddy and Ashlee take their homeless client to an apartment that will be paid for by the proceeds of this settlement, the client is grateful. Teddy seems to have shown Ashlee that their cases are not always about catching the big fish every time.

All in all, this was a very satisfying episode. Teddy managed to win his case and satiate his need to do good. Even though Jerry lost his case – in real life you don’t win them all – he still managed to get Bobbi back in the process.

The season finale is next week, and I have to say that I am sorry that it is coming so quickly. I have come to really enjoy this series and hope next season they offer more episodes.

Clip of “Raising the Bar: Bobbi Ba-Bing”

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