Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Heroes Returns – That’s 2 Hours I Won’t Ever Get Back

RIP Heroes
(photo from NBC)
Back in November, I called NBC’s Heroes “a confused, pointless mess.” My husband and I decided to watch the 2 hours of Heroes that aired yesterday anyway, hoping that the promises made in the "teases" that these 2 episode would really deliver would come to pass. After watching, we came to the conclusion that it was two hours wasted.

Heroes is suffering from adding too many new characters and not providing interesting story lines for the established characters, or even featuring established characters on a regular basis. This is compounded by bad acting (Jack Coleman, Elisabeth Rohm) and a character played by someone who now seems typecast to play the creepy character (Robert Knepper as T-Bag, oops, I mean Samuel). Characters that the fans used to love are becoming tiresome. For example, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) hasn’t really developed much, and Hiro (Masi Oka), while the most enjoyable of the characters, requires too much effort to watch with all the subtitles. I almost went a little nutty when a scene with Emma (Deanne Bray) and T-Bag, oops, I mean Samuel, required subtitles. But those were YELLOW subtitles, not white subtitles like Hiro’s, maybe that was the writer’s idea of excitement.

Claire (Hayden Panettiere) – the subject of the whole “save the cheerleader save the world” campaign early on with this series that turned out to be a massive dud and disappointment – seems to be a confused mess all of her own. She still has issues with daddy – real daddy (now dead) and adopted daddy – and she seems unsure of how to approach her life and her powers. I would have hoped that her character would have developed far more by now, but she still remains the same old Claire who seems to have issues with everybody else in her life, even though she can’t figure out her own self.

These two hours were devoid of any real action or any intensity, and did nothing to make me any more interested in the series than I was before. Considering that I had lost most interest in Heroes in November, I would say that the episode was an epic fail in trying rekindle viewer excitement as promised.

With so much more interesting television to watch, Heroes is just not worth my time and effort any more, so it’s now off my official watch list. If I am bored and can find nothing else to watch, I may catch an episode here and there. After all, Heroes is like watching a soap opera – you can miss it for several months and then tune in and find that everything is still just about the same as you last left it (which is nowhere). I suspect that Heroes will find itself on the “cancel” list at the end of this season as I don’t think NBC can waste valuable prime time on a show that isn’t delivering viewers.

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Michael said...

Couldn't agree more, I bailed out last season during the middle of the season, just kept getting worse and worse. It's a shame though as they really had some stories and characters to work with.

Sara said...

NBC should probably put itself on the cancellation list. Their prime time programming has become a joke. And Jeff Zucker didn't help matters when he forced Leno's hand with The Tonight Show.

Anonymous said...

One show to put on the watch list....


This is a clever, fun and inventive show. An hour with Chuck is an hour well spent. Give it a look-see.