Monday, February 1, 2010

Southland Reboots on March 2, 2010 on TNT

It was a sure sign that the people in charge at NBC had lost their marbles when they canceled the new series Southland, and fans (including me) weren’t afraid to speak out about the loss of the show. It was wonderful news when it was announced that TNT was picking up the series where NBC left off. Over the last few weeks, TNT has been re-broadcasting the episodes originally aired on NBC, and on March 2, 2010, they will start up with the all new episodes.

Missing in action in the video tease below is Tom Everett Scott, who played Detective Russell Clarke. Those of you who already saw Southland on NBC know that Clarke was shot point blank at the very end of the final episode shown on NBC. Since Clarke's work partner Detective Lydia Adams (Regina King) mentions in the video tease that she has a new partner, played by “Prison Break” alum Amaury Nolasco, I have to assume that Clarke is either dead or incapacitated. But, fans should not despair, as many of the other cast members are back, most notably fan favorite Michael Cudlitz, who returns as Office John Cooper, the gay cop who is addicted to pain killers. Cudlitz was, and still is, tireless in his effort to keep the show in the forefront with fans, and he just may have been a key piece in helping to save this show.

Southland will be up against some stiff competition, for example, CBS’s “The Good Wife” ( a show that I think is no more than average at best), and, at the end of March, Law & Order Criminal Intent on the USA Network. Hopefully TNT will re-air the new Southland episodes more than once that night, as they often do with The Closer, so people like me who already DVR two shows will be able to catch it.

The video tease below should make fans excited for these new episodes, and hopefully will even entice new viewers to give it a try. If the new episodes are anything like the first season on NBC, viewers will not be disappointed.

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