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Lost “Recon” Recap & Review

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The episode of Lost “Recon” put Sawyer (Josh Holloway) in the spotlight, with a peek into the alternate life of James Ford, who is a cop, something that couldn’t be more opposite from Sawyer’s history that we already know. It was a rather dull episode, so dull that it could be easily summarized into long sentences. Take a deep breath before reading:

Sawyer, in the other timeline, is James Ford, cop, and his work partner is Miles (Ken Leung) who sets up blind date with Charlotte (Rebecca Mader) who, after a romp with finds a secret folder in James’ drawer while looking for a t-shirt (she could have been snooping doing her own recon) rather than put on her own clothes and James gets pissed and throws her out then Miles finds James was really in Australia and Miles has a hissy fit about James’ lie and they make up when James tells him he is really looking for the man responsible for his father killing his mom and while doing so they catch up with Kate (Evangeline Lilly) who is fleeing the police….(catch your breath)


Locke (Terry O'Quinn) - who is really not Locke but that what we will call him anyway - admits to Sawyer he is the smoke monster and sends Sawyer to the other island to do recon and report back because Sawyer is a good liar and Sawyer does so and finds the plane that Locke said he wanted but also falls into a trap and gets taken by Zoe (Sheila Kelley) - who looked like Tina Fey - to a sub (with a double-secret locked room) with Charles Widmore (Alan Dale) on it and Sawyer entices Widmore with the hopes of double-crossing Locke and bringing him to Widmore so Widmore can kill Locke and Sawyer goes back to the Island and admits to Locke that he lied to Widmore but really Sawyer lied to Locke too and he tells Kate that he can’t fly that plane off the island but he can take Wilmore’s sub and I wonder where he learned to do that….WHEW!

Oh yeah, Locke has mommy issues and he tells Kate that Claire (Emilie de Ravin) is batshit crazy just like his own mother and she screwed up his life.

After watching the episode I wasn’t quite sure what I learned from it, since we already know that Sawyer is a good liar; that Widmore has motives and so does Locke; and Claire is crazy over her son Aaron being taken away from her. I was mildly confused by seeing even more people that I didn’t recognize (the sub people) and wondered how many more irrelevant new people can this show cram in every week? I’m already confused at times with the people already there. Getting lost (no pun intended) in the shuffle was Charlie’s brother looking for him at the police station; the book “Watership Down” on James’ dresser, a book which was also on the Island; and the fact that James watched “Little House on The Prairie” which was just plain weird. I find that I almost do not care about all these little tidbits of information being thrown about, as I really don’t like having to keep track of all these little details in my head while I am trying to be entertained. This episode seemed to be a lot of fill and not much substance, and it left me sleepy rather than excited for more.

Are viewers setting up for a battle between Charles Widmore and Locke, and is this going to be the proverbial “good vs. evil” or “day vs. night” or “black vs. white” battle to end all battles? After watching this episode, I find myself no closer to having a clue as to what will happen next.

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Anonymous said...

It's kind of sad that I find myself watching this just because my boys and I have invested so many years in this show. This ep was so flat and really didn't advance the story except that as you said FakeLocke has mommy issues. And if you thought, as I did that the new sub people were an annoyance, imagine when I read that ep 15 of this show will have little if any appearances by any of the series regular. Oh yay!!! NOT! I'll miss Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson. The rest not so much.