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House “Knight Fall” Recap & Review

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Viewers tuning in to House(Fox)“Knight Fall” may have wondered if they had on the correct television show, as the show opened at a renaissance fair (or “faire” if you wish). Not only was the fair a backdrop for the introduction of the patient of the week, but it also served as an excuse to get House (Hugh Laurie) and Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) in typical renaissance fair garb. It was an average episode that had some laughable moments, but the patient of the week was beyond dull.

With that in mind, let’s get the patient out the way. When he seizes after a sword fight at the fair, House decides to take the case, likely so he can get his hands on the guy’s sword. (I can read all kinds of Freudian things into that but I am not going to waste my time.) Long story short, they do the usual things – search the fair where he became ill and search his house, they make their usual mistakes in diagnoses. And, also as usual, House gets an epiphany at the end and realizes that the patient is on steroids and his liver now has lesions which are causing his illness. Usually I can see the trail of events or thoughts that bring House to his conclusion, but in this case, I just didn’t see how he actually came to his epiphany.

While treating the patient, Thirteen AKA Dr. Hadley also realizes that the patient is in love with the fiancée of the “king” of the fair. She gets a little too preachy for my tastes on how the patient should deal with the issue - as if Thirteen has her own love life in order enough that she can be giving advice.

While all this playing out, House finds out that Wilson’s ex-wife Sam/Samantha (Cynthia Watros) is back with Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard). In fact, he finds out when Sam walks into the kitchen after spending the night with Wilson, and she sees House standing in the kitchen completely naked. Special note: Hugh Laurie is not a person that comes to mind when I think of actors that I would like to see naked. It didn’t send me screaming from the room, but, like Sam, I wanted him to cover up. Thankfully for the carefully placed camera shots, nothing "important" was showing.

House isn’t happy that Wilson is back with his ex, and House decides to do his usual thing in order to break up the relationship - he meddles. He fears that she will mess with Wilson’s head again and Wilson will be just a damaged as he was the first time they broke up. House is also having more pain in his leg and appears to be popping lots of Ibuprofen. At least that’s how the bottle is marked, but who really knows what House has in that bottle?

In order to create a wedge between Wilson and Sam, House goes so far as to bring a transvestite prostitute to a dinner with Wilson and Sam, only to have his plan backfire when Sam and the transvestite – and Wilson – seem to hit it off. Cuddy remains uninterested in the whole thing, which suits me just fine, seeing that I find her annoying lately anyway. When House decides to make a special dinner (“I cook in peace”) for the three of them at home – ruining Wilson and Sam’s plans for the evening – he seems to be making nice. It’s only a front. When Wilson steps away for minute leaving House and Sam alone, House tells her “You’re a cold hearted bitch who ripped his heart out.” He’s concerned about how long it took Wilson to overcome the damage the last time and he doesn’t want her to reel Wilson back in. The dinner was to get to know his enemy. Sam seems happy that now when they are alone, she doesn’t have to pretend to like House. They agree they dislike each other, but House says he will outlast her.

Later, Lucas (Michael Weston) comes in with a fat envelope for House, it seems House had him check up on Sam. Thankfully we haven’t seen the smarmy Lucas in a while, and I find myself wishing that Cuddy has dumped him. We get no hint of any trouble in that paradise. But when Sam shows up and tells House that they both care about Wilson and asks that he give them a chance to see if her relationship with Wilson can work this time, House seems to soften. This is when he has his epiphany about the patient, and I still don’t know what helped him make the connection. After House bestows his diagnosis, he takes the file on Sam that Lucas compiled and throws it in the trash.

It’s nice to see Wilson trying to move forward with his life by essentially moving backwards with his ex, but sometimes House seems a little too protective of Wilson. Maybe House is becoming overly protective with the happy life he and Wilson have right now. Bringing a woman into the mix – any woman – would likely mean House would be the odd man out. He’d also likely be out of that nice home, too. And while I’d like to think that House only has Ibuprofen in that bottle, I worry that he’s back on the harder drugs. He says he is worried about what Sam will do to Wilson if she messes with his head again, but maybe House needs to be more worried about House falling off the wagon. Who knows, maybe Wilson actually being happy is more than House can take?

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