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“The Closer”: New Episodes Airing December 2010

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Kyra Sedgwick, 2010 Emmy winner for Best Actress in a Leading Roll on ”The Closer” , returns to TNT on December 6, 2010 for new episodes that will air on TNT. The Closer’s sixth season will wrap up with a special two-part season finale on December 27 and January 5. The Closer is one of my own favorite crime dramas and the cast is exceptional.

Here’s the episode synopses for these new episodes; advance photos for these new episodes will be posted soon! All episodes air on Mondays at 9 PM/ET, 8 PM/C

“Old Money” - Premieres Monday, Dec. 6, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT)
One of Brenda’s detectives is ambushed on the street, and the main clue to figuring out the motive behind the attack is a garbage bag containing more than $37,500. The investigation then turns into a race to clear the detective’s name over allegations of witness tampering. Guest star Mary McDonnell returns as Capt. Sharon Raydor.

Directed by Nelson McCormick
Written by Hunt Baldwin & John Coveny

“High Crimes” – Monday, Dec. 13, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT)
Chief of Police Tommy Delk (guest star Courtney B. Vance) assigns Major Crimes a seemingly minor case involving the armed robbery of several medical marijuana dispensaries. But when one of the robberies turns into a murder, the case becomes a test of Brenda’s readiness to move up in the department.

Directed by Nicole Kassell
Written by Ralph Gifford & Carson Moore

“An Ugly Game” – Monday, Dec. 20, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT)
The routine arrest of a crack addict exposes a questionable rehab facility and leads Brenda and her squad on a race to find a missing young woman. The case leads Gabriel to question Brenda’s judgment and Fritz to reveal to Brenda the some ugly truths about his past.

Directed by Sheelin Choksey
Written by Duppy Demetrius

“Living Proof, Part 1” – Monday, Dec. 27, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT)
A long-brewing feud leads to stabbing on Christmas Eve and the accidental death of a patriarch in a case that threatens to derail everyone’s holiday plans. Brenda is especially put out, since her parents (guest stars Frances Sternhagen and Barry Corbin) are in town, and they have a very special announcement. Guest star Mary McDonnell returns as Captain Raydor.

Directed by Rick Wallace
Written by Leo Geter

“Living Proof, Part 2” – Monday, Jan. 3, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT)
A blood feud within a refugee family from Kosovo results in another victim, forcing Brenda and her team, along with Captain Raydor (guest star Mary McDonnell) to continue their investigation on Christmas Day. But Brenda’s attention is then diverted when the RV her parents (guest stars Frances Sternhagen and Barry Corbin) drove to Los Angeles is robbed, and all the holiday gifts stored inside stolen.

Directed by James Duff
Written by Michael Alaimo & Steven Kane

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