Monday, January 24, 2011

Hawaii Five-O Old and New Themes (Video)

The TV series Hawaii Five-O has one of the most iconic themes in TV history. I’ve received quite a few requests for a video of both themes back-to-back, so here it is!

By the way, for those of you who watched the old series (like me), you’ll enjoy the new theme which has been given a little more adrenaline. The new series may not have the best acting, but the cast, and the gorgeous Hawaiian scenery, is very easy on the eyes. If an opportunity presents itself to catch one of the episodes from the original series, I suggest you watch it. You’ll likely find that David Caruso seems to have patterned the stiff Horatio Caine on Jack’s Lord’s Steve McGarrett. (That’s one thing that the new series has going for it – Steve McGarrett is a huge improvement.)

Please note: I am sorry, but this video is no longer available.

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