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After retiring from 28 years of customer service work, the last few years as a Director and Vice President, I decided to turn my attention to some of my favorite pastimes – photography, writing, and television.

In my lifetime, I’ve gone from the family’s tiny black and white TV with TV tubes and only three channels - NBC, ABC, and CBS (and the occasional UHF channel) - to color, high definition, flat screen TVs,  hundreds of channels, digital video recording, ultra high definition, and streaming. My enjoyment of watching television has only grown as the technology has progressed.

Television is entertaining but it can also be informative and educational. While this blog doesn’t provide commentary on every show that I watch, it does give me the opportunity to weigh in on select shows that I enjoy, and even those that I don’t. (After all, not all TV shows are good.) I am not employed by any network or publicity firm, but sometimes receive advance photos and/or videos from some networks to pass along to fans.

I hope you enjoy the blog and please feel free to join in on the commentary. All opinions are welcome – good, bad, and everything in between. (I reserve the right to delete any comment from anyone who goes over the line or uses vulgarity, from spammers, and from trolls.)

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Contact me via email: iliketowatchtv@gmail.com

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