Monday, January 28, 2008

The SAG Awards – I Didn’t Watch, I Don’t Care Who Won

On January 8, I wrote in this blog about the awards show being canceled for the Golden Globes. Generally, I have become apathetic towards celebrity awards shows. TNT touted that the SAG Awards were going forward despite the strike of the Writers Guild, as if that would make the show better and more watchable. But, I was not so desperate to watch something Sunday night that I watched the SAGs. (OK, I watched Shark. And James Woods is still missing his eyebrows.) I’m so disinterested in the SAG Awards that I haven’t even bothered to look to see who won.

I know that the Oscars still mean a lot to many people, but something tells me that even the casual viewers is getting more discerning in their viewing choices that sitting through a lengthy award show just doesn’t cut it any more. If the writer’s strike affects the airing of the Oscars, it won’t bother me.

So for someone like me who likes to watch TV – well, I really LOVE watching TV – even I draw the line sometimes. Not all TV is TV worth my time.

But we should all stay tuned to see if Shark gets disbarred. And if James Woods gets some eyebrows like the rest of his cast mates. The suspense is killing me.

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