Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Writers Strike Has Benefits – the Golden Globes Get Canceled

There is ONE big benefit to the writer’s strike. It’s gotten the Golden Globes awards show canceled. Instead, a news conference will be held to announce the winners. Can we only hope that the Academy Awards will soon follow?

Personally, I’ve always found awards shows boring. The entertainment industry’s compulsion to pat itself on the back - at the same time marketing its movies, TV shows, and music – always seemed so self serving. And really, who cares about what designer a celebrity is wearing, or who wore the worst dress, etc. It’s all so…so…vulgar.

Don’t get me wrong, I like when my favorite actors or shows get awards. It’s almost a validation of why I watch them. But, watching a three to four hour show filled with boring monologues and tributes can put one into a coma. I will occasionally start to watch The Academy Awards and the Emmys during the first half hour of the show, but after that, forget it. I usually change the channel and only turn it back on during a commercial while watching the other show. If I recall correctly, last year I DVR’d the Oscars and reduced the entire show down to about a half hour’s worth of my viewing time. It’s so nice to skip those boring speeches from people I either don’t know or could care less about. And let's not forget those obscure categories, like "best sound editing for an animated, black and white documentary." People aren't that interested. (Admit it, you change the channels during those segments.)

So as far as I’m concerned, the Golden Globes can go away and never come back. And maybe this will be a contagious virus that hits the other awards shows, and makes them extinct? One can dream...

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