Friday, February 22, 2008

The Oscars – Snore

Hear that loud snoring sound? It’s coming from everybody that isn’t interested in the Academy Awards, being put to sleep at the mere thought of watching the show. I know that Hollywood breathed a collective sigh of relief when the writer’s strike was over because it meant that the Oscars could go on. Me? I could care less.

There hasn’t been a decent Oscar telecast in years. In fact, there haven’t been many – if any – decent MOVIES in years. It seems that weekly we are inundated with superficial horror films, corny animated movies, shallow romantic comedies, and comedies written for the teenage mentality. Even the period pieces like “Elizabeth, the Golden Age” were long on costumes and short on interest.

But, I could put all that behind me and watch the Oscar telecast if I knew that they would deliver a show that is witty, fast paced, interesting, and finishes on time. I suspect, based on past history, that none of that would happen.

So for me, I will pass on another bloated, boring awards show. I’m confident that I will find something on television that will be a better investment of my time. You know, something like an informercial?

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