Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Animated David Caruso – Better than the Original

Image from Fox

Imagine my surprise when, while watching The Simpsons this past Sunday, to see a brief clip of an animated Horatio Caine (David Caruso), along with his trusty sidekick, Frank Tripp (Rex Linn). His sunglasses also make a cameo.

And you know what? He was better than the original David Caruso. I know that’s hard to imagine, but the brief, probably under 30 second spoof of CSI Miami captured the full essence of the show and its main man – er – I mean top dog – er – make that legend in his own mind, David Caruso.

If you missed it, the full episode of The Simpsons (called “Smoke on the Daughter”) is available on (video embedded below). So catch it while it lasts. The CSI Miami clip is less than three minutes into the show.


The Simpsons "Smoke on the Daughter" from

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Cole said...

I loved it. Making fun of David Caruso never grows old...

Anonymous said...

LOL...David Caruso is way too much. I never got into CSI Miami cause I thought he was too over the top. I do like how Homer, Marge, and Lisa are all like "OOoooo" when the parody CSI Miami opening credits montage starts...which is pretty funny the scream imitation of the original WHO song. All this is further proof that there isn't anything this show won't spoof on.