Sunday, July 20, 2008

Examining CSI Miami’s New Coroner, Megalyn Echikunwoke

Michael Ausiello, the master of television scoops, is reporting (here) that CSI Miami has hired a new coroner to replace Khandi Alexander. She’s Megalyn Echikunwoke, who Sci-Fi fans would recognize from her stint on The 4400, playing (the adult) Isabelle Tyler. She also played Nicole Palmer, daughter of presidential candidate David Palmer in Fox's "24."

While I don’t have any hard and fast objections to her in this role, it seems more a choice that someone like Dick Wolf (king of the Law & Order franchise) would do. You know, hiring someone who isn’t well known and probably doesn’t have big salary demands.

I was probably one of the few people who watched The 4400, and while Megalyn’s performance wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t particularly memorable either. Considering this show didn’t draw a large viewership, her lack of a strong reputation may be to her advantage. Starting on an established series with her "blank slate" may allow fans to develop their own impressions of her without any prior baggage influencing their opinion.

Still, CSI Miami needs an infusion of credibility, and I’m not sure that this casting move will bring it. David Caruso, whose Horatio Caine has become somewhat of a camp television legend, needs to have better actors around him to diffuse the cheesiness. Also, Megalyn is fairly young, which does not seem to follow the trend of the experienced, world weary medical examiners of most other crime shows. But it does follow with CSI Miami’s method of operation to go with style over substance.

As I wouldn’t miss an episode of CSI Miami if my life depended on it – it’s some of the corniest television programming on air – I’m willing to give Megalyn a try. After all, if I can tolerate one hour of Horatio Caine, what’s a few scenes with a new coroner? Just please, no romance. I couldn’t handle that.

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Anonymous said...

Yours is one of the nicest comments about the choice for a new ME. I've never seen her (correct that, I don't remember ever seeing her, which is far worse), so I'm trying to reserve comment. Judging from others who have, the reaction has not been good. I hope we're all wrong.

Vixen said...

Just please, no romance. I couldn’t handle that.

Agreed. A roll between the sheets between Caruso/The new coroner would make EVETYONE GAG.

Writer2day said...

Meg was great on the 4400, as well as her appearance as Cassie on Supernatural. She has done well on every show I have ever seen her in. Well I am a great fan of hers, so I am certain she will again to her best and it will be very good.

Congrats to her and I look forward to watching CSI again.

Anonymous said...

While I'm glad they were committed to hiring a black actor for the coroner role, I'm befuddled why they would choose a child to play such a role that should have some gravitas. Style or substance, of course.

But next to the cartoonish character that is Caruso, the child coroner makes the show feel more and more like a cartoon.

So, when I have nothing better to do, I will watch this operatic cartoon.

Anonymous said...

I like the new ME, she's better than Khandi.
I'm glad Khandi's gone, as I did not like her "hard" acting at all. She looked ugly with her smoked out mouth and big fake teeth. I did not like Khandi on the show. Her make up was never right and she just can't act. She was an eyesore.