Thursday, January 22, 2009

“Lost” Returns, With More Twists and Turns

I don’t think there is any show on television right now that has more twists and turns than ‘Lost.” Last night’s two hour season 5 premier – the episodes were titled “Because You Left” and “The Lie,” cover what is happening to the people who returned from the island, and those who stayed there. I won’t go into completely recapping both episodes because I think my head is still spinning from all the details. You can get the full recaps from ABC’s “Lost" web site. By the way, I was grateful to be able to watch the second episode on line, seeing that already recording CSI NY and Law & Order blocked me from being able to watch or record the second hour of Lost.

Bottom line is that some of those who returned want to go back, some don’t. Those left on the island are having problems of their own. It seems they are traveling through time, one of them, Faraday (Jeremy Davies) made contact with Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) as he was when he was guarding the Orchid station in the past. Hurley (Jorge Garcia) can’t handle the burden of his lie about the island, and after escaping from the nut house, he gets help from Sayid (Naveen Andrews), who murders some people who were after them. He also continues to see dead people, this time seeing Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) Hurley eventually tells his story to his mother, who says she doesn’t understand him, but she believes him. Later, Hurley surrenders to the police in an attempt to keep Ben away from him.

Jack (Matthew Fox) is trying to help revive Sayid, who was shot with some sort of tranquilizer by the people who tried to kill him. Ben (Michael Emerson) has enlisted the help of Jack to get everyone back to the island, and this includes taking Locke’s (Terry O'Quinn) body with them. This is a little confusing seeing that Locke still seems to be on the island, specifically in what time we do not know. Kate (Evangeline Lilly) feels that someone is on to their lie, as someone came to the house to draw blood from Aaron for a test. She takes off, and meets up with Sun (Yunjin Kim), who seems to forgive Kate for leaving Jin on the boat, which later exploded.

To make things even rougher for the islanders, they are bombarded with flaming arrows dropping from the sky, which kill some of them. Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) are caught by what appears to be young military men, who demand to know why they are on their island. But when they threaten to cut off Juliet’s hands, Locke works his magic from the shadows and manages to kill one of them by throwing his knife. Needless to say, Sawyer and Juliet are surprised to see him.

At the end, at another location, a woman in a hooded robe is writing some sort of equation on a blackboard, while a large pendulum-type stylus seems to be marking out some sort of pattern. She types something into a computer, which returns a message saying “event window determined.” She opens a hatch and goes into another room and up a circular staircase, to a church interior, and Ben is there, standing near some votive candles. He asks her, “any luck?” and she says “yes.” He seems surprised at this response, and when she asks about him, he says he is having some difficulty. She says he’d better get busy, because he only has 70 hours. When he objects that this is not enough time, she tells him that’s all the time he’s got. When she turns around, it’s a woman we’ve seen on the show before, her name was Miss Hawking (Fionnula Flanagan). He tells her that he lost Reyes, and he wants to know what happens if he can’t get them to all come back. She responds, ‘Then God help us all.”

Oh, my head! I think it is spinning from too much information. Not that this was all bad, though. These episodes seemed to deliver a lot of suspense, and actually made me get some of my interest back in the show. It also seems to raise suspicion about Ben’s intentions. I went from being sure he was up to no good, to think he was trying to help more than once during these two hours. Ben obviously knows what the score is, and it makes me wonder if his motives were truly good, otherwise why wouldn’t he just tell everyone the truth?

Lucky for me that this show will be normally airing on Wednesday at 9:00 PM, which should solve my 10:00 PM program conflicts for future airings. Hopefully, the wait for these episodes will be worthwhile, and maybe they can rekindle the excitement this show had during its first season. Maybe we will all time travel and find ourselves back where we started, in the end, if you know what I mean. I do think I know why they call the show “Lost’ – because if you miss one episode, you will be completely lost.

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