Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Heroes “Shades of Gray” Solid Boredom

Heroes (NBC) has ceased to become a must watch show for me. Why? Because each episode is just more of the same. Characters seem to waffle from being on the good side to the bad side, and vice versa, to the point that I don’t know if I care which side they are on. One thing is consistent though, I am starting to really despise Sylar and the constant evil that follows him everywhere.

This episode was somewhat bothersome to me as far as Sylar is concerned. He has been trying to track down his father, and finally meets up with Samson Gray (John Glover) who is living in a dumpy looking home. He has cancer and he’s dying. But, Sylar shows him he has the power to heal, and daddy decides he wants to take that power from his son. Well, not before daddy dear makes his son kill a poor helpless rabbit so he can stuff and mount it. But Sylar also finds that his dad has powers too. This fact doesn’t even interest me at all, because it seems the world is now filled with people with powers. The fact that daddy wants to kill his own son to get his power - saying his son will just heal back anyway -was predictable, as was Sylar being able to overtake Samson and leave him to die with his disease.

Of course, every show these days needs the evil controlling power hungry bureaucrat, and we get that with Danko, played by the always creepy Zeljko Ivanek. He wants to eliminate all the people with powers, and now Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) is having second thoughts about his involvement in this plan and with Danko's methods, especially after Danko sets up Parkman (Greg Grunberg) and wires him with a bomb. Nathan went from good guy to bad guy to good guy to I have no idea what he is now – just a man on the run, seeing that Danko tricked Nathan into showing his power of flight. And now that Danko knows Nathan has a power, Danko won’t allow Nathan’s daughter Claire (Hayden Panettiere) to continue to be protected. Nathan manages to get her out of her house before the nasty bad men in black with guns come to get her. This also means that Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman), who thought he was moving up the ladder in the organization with Nathan, finds that he may be the odd man out again. I can’t help but be exhausted at trying to figure out which side Bennet is on, and I am not sure I care anymore.

One of the other flaws of the show is that there are too many main characters, and they just don’t give them enough coverage every week. In this episode, Hiro (Masi Oka) and Ando (James Kyson Lee) didn’t get much face time, and I always find their characters very enjoyable. But, it also seems that they show them so sporadically that I frequently forget just exactly where they are in the story line, or what happened to them last time I saw them. There are a few other characters in the show like this as well, and it makes it harder and harder to follow the show, especially when they skip a week or two in airing new episodes.

Also annoying is that is seems that this series is answering no questions, only bringing in more complexity to the story. There is no “reward” for me by watching. I finish the show, and I feel like I am left with nothing. I may continue to watch through this season, but if I feel at that point there is nothing in it for me to continue, I won’t be back with the series if/when it returns for the new season.

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