Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My View on "The View"

I am an occasional watcher of The View. I find that when I do watch, I usually only watch the Hot Topics, and change the channel when that segment is over.

I grew very tired of the show when Rosie O’Donnell was host. In fact, I renamed the show “Women Behaving Badly” because it seemed Rosie brought out the worst in everyone and in everything. For a show that was supposed to be based on the varying opinion of various women, Rosie seemed to frequently bully the conversation, and treated the her role of host as her opportunity to push her own obsessions and agendas.

So when it was announced that Rosie was leaving, I was thrilled. This was the big chance for the show to get back to some rational discussion, if the chose the right replacement.

When I heard that Whoopi Goldberg would be the new host, I was a bit skeptical. Her guest host appearances hadn’t really wowed me. But, as she settled in to the show, I have to admit that she was probably he perfect choice. Not only is she funny, but she’s rational, she’s knowledgeable, and she can control the discussion. Best of all, when someone on the show says something completely moronic (usually spoken by Sherri Shepherd), Whoopi is able to calmly show the person the error of their thinking. And in those times where the rest of the panel starts talking over themselves – or over Whoopi – she is able to bring order to the chaos.

The show still has weak spots. Joy Behar, the longest running member of the panel, is more caustic with her humor, and frankly sometimes sounds like she’s just a little to angry about things. Sherri Shepherd continues to confound with her bubble headed, idiotic comments. (Examples: when she really couldn’t say that the world was round, and recently when she indicated that Jesus predated the Romans and the Greeks.) Elisabeth Hasselback has a one track, narrow political mind, which frankly has gotten old and tiring. Let’s not forget Barbara Walters, whose repertoire seems to be filled with the words “Me” and “I”. It’s as if she sees the show as her one big chance to promote anything having to do with herself.

The bottom line is that the show is much more tolerable to watch with Whoopi as host. Still, it would be much better if the show would bring on other women to host the show that aren’t comedians, idiots, or egomaniacs.

I’d be happy to make myself available!

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