Saturday, December 1, 2007

We now enter TV's winter doldrums

There is nothing worse than, while waiting for a preview of next week's show, to hear words like “When (fill in the blank) show returns in January…” (I think I heard it this past week for House, Bones, NCIS, and so on.) We all know what that means. We have entered TV’s winter doldrums.

Just when the nights get longer and colder, TV gets more boring. It’s bad enough that NBC already shows reruns from earlier in the week on Saturday nights. Now we probably won’t even get that.

The writers’ strike really didn’t have much to do with this, because this seems to happen every year at this time. What makes it worse is because of the strike, some of the shows we count on to start in January will likely be late, which will make getting through January even harder. You’ve heard about SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – where people get what is sometimes referred to as a winter depression? Well, we need an acronym for the winter TV doldrums. How about RAD – Rerun Affective Disorder? Or BORED - Boring Old Repeats Every Day? I’m sure with nothing to watch over the next few weeks, we’ll have time to come up with something.

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