Monday, August 4, 2008

Should CSI Miami Go “Green”?

With the price of gasoline being so high, and with the members of the Miami Dade Crime Lab always driving those gas-guzzling Hummers, Horatio Caine (David Caruso) and Company must spend a fortune on fuel.

Maybe it’s time for the constant orange glow of the CSI Miami universe to switch to “green” – meaning changing over to more fuel-efficient vehicles. Let’s see…how would Horatio look with some new wheels?

Horatio Caine and the Prius

Horatio Caine and the Yaris

Horatio Caine and the Mini Cooper

You know, it could work.

Seriously though, it does seem a little over the top for the Crime Scene unit to drive Hummers. After all, it’s not like they do a lot of off-roading, and it’s not like the flat terrain of Florida warrants such a heavy-duty vehicle, even in the Everglades. Likewise, the weather conditions there are not so awful they need such huge vehicles to get around in when the weather turns bad. While they could get a hurricane, a Hummer isn’t much better than a normal size SUV in high winds and storm surge if it came to that. And it’s not like they are transporting tons of equipment and people in those Hummers; it seems that we usually only see one person driving on vehicle at a time, and all they bring are their fancy little tackle boxes with their crime scene toys and tools. It looks like all they need to do the job can fit in the standard trunk of a car. Is it also possible that the orange glow we always see on this show is from the suns rays hitting all those exhaust fumes from those Hummers?

So how about it, CSI Miami fans? Should Horatio and his crew switch to more environmentally conscious vehicles? I think it’s long overdue. Besides, I’d sure like to see Horatio in a Mini Cooper, wouldn’t you?

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Anonymous said...

LOL. Great choices. However, the question remains if David Caruso´s overblown EGO would fit into a smaller car....we could run into trouble here