Saturday, October 25, 2008

Law & Order Returns In November – Fans Rejoice!

Did you feel something odd yesterday? Was it like a small earthquake, or maybe a tremor in “The Force”? Did it seem that the stars realigned and suddenly the universe was back in balance? Well, it was none of those things. What you felt was the collective jumping up and down and the overall joy of Law & Order fans upon reading the news from NBC that their beloved Law & Order would be returning on November 5, 2008. This is much earlier than the January premier date that was originally planned.

What is even better is that it is returning to its original Wednesday night at 10:00 PM time slot, which is where the show had lived for many years until NBC banished it to other not so preferred nights of the week. Law & Order fans now may seem vindicated in their original dismay years ago when the show seemed to be pushed out of the way for other shows which have since failed.

The show still faces stiff competition on Wednesday night, though, as CSI NY airs at the same time on CBS. And, after Law & Order moved from Wednesday night, the move only seemed to open the door to strengthen the viewership of CSI NY, which frequently dominates the time slot and is also frequently in the weekly ratings top 10.

That’s OK. There is plenty of room for more viewers, and I think that Law & Order fans who may have left the fold when the show moved may find themselves coming back. After all, the show re-energized itself last season with new cast members Linus Roache, Jeremy Sisto, and Anthony Anderson, and also by moving Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) into the top spot as District Attorney. And when we finished last season, Jack may have found himself in a little trouble with the governor, which I suspect may come back at him this season.

So, there is a lot to be happy about. If you left the Law & Order fold a few seasons ago, it may be time for you to come back again. For the rest of you die-hard fans like me - continue your celebration!

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samfan said...

YES! YES! YES! I am rejoicing with you! I am so pumped! I just hope that L&O gains some more viewers. I can't wait to see what happens to Jack!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great I love L&O!!! I can't wait to see the new season, and yes I am rejoicing too!