Thursday, March 1, 2012

Southland “Thursday” Season Finale Episode Information

Here are the details for the season finale of Southland titled “Thursday”:

Season Finale: "Thursday" – Tuesday, March 20, 2012   10PM ET TNT
It's the last day on patrol for Tang (special guest star Lucy Liu), as she prepares to move to another precinct as sergeant. But first she wants to tie up some loose ends on the beat. Lydia is pressured to make a decision about the extent of her police duties during the rest of her pregnancy. With Sammy recovering from injuries, Ben and Dewey are partnered together. But Ben is bent on tracking down the prostitute he's been trying to help and then getting her and her daughter away from the abusive pimp controlling their lives.

Directed by Christopher Chulack
Written by Jonathan Lisco
Created by Ann Biderman

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