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Fundraiser for "The Sunshine Kids" in Honor of THE CLOSER

June 12, 2012 Press Release

The Sunshine Kids fundraiser in honor of THE CLOSER
“When one life changes, many lives are changed” ~ G.W. Bailey

THE CLOSER fans have a special fundraiser for The Sunshine Kids in honor of TNT’s #1 show, THE CLOSER. As a way to say “Thank Yew”, fans can support The Sunshine Kids Foundation via this Facebook page: The Sunshine Kids Foundation

The Sunshine Kids Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to children with cancer. For more than 30 years, the Foundation’s mission has been to provide exciting, positive group activities for children with cancer, so they may once again do what Kids are meant to do…have fun and celebrate life! The Foundation serves thousands of kids annually working with hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. The Kids and their families participate in a variety of events including arts and crafts parties, Build a Bear events, circus parties, sporting events and more. In addition, the Foundation hosts regional and national trips for pediatric oncology patients each year. These exciting destinations include New Orleans, Louisiana; Steamboat Springs, Colorado; Washington, D.C.; Austin, Texas; New York City; Los Angeles, CA and Orlando, Florida. All events and activities provided are free to the children, their families and participating hospitals.

G.W. Bailey (Lt. Provenza on TNT’s The Closer/Major Crimes) is the Executive Director of The Sunshine Kids Foundation. He has been involved with the Foundation for 28 years – 15 years as a volunteer and the past 13 years as Executive Director. G.W. states that seeing his late goddaughter at a Sunshine Kids event changed his life (video link : G.W. Bailey’s “Epiphany”).

Andy Sacks (producer of The Closer/Major Crimes) serves on the Board of Directors. THE CLOSER cast/crew generously give their time and participate in events for these inspirational children.

G.W. Bailey’s friend and sidekick on The Closer/Major Crimes, Tony Denison (Lt. Flynn) stated in a recent interview: “whoever donates money, their time or both, their lives and their outlook on life is going to be enlarged because they allowed these kids to touch their hearts”: Rob Ekno hosts “In Your Face”

G.W. Bailey & Tony Denison recently spoke about their involvement with The Sunshine Kids in this article: Fans of the Closer Raising Funds For Kids With Cancer

To show appreciation for Seven Years of Exceptional Entertainment, we encourage everyone to support The Sunshine Kids Foundation in honor of THE CLOSER cast/crew! We know how much Sunshine Kids means to them. What greater joy is there than knowing that by giving a donation to this special organization that it will provide wonderful opportunities for such deserving children!

Please donate either by check to: Sunshine Kids Foundation, 2814 Virginia Street, Houston, TX 77098 or their direct website: www.sunshinekids.org/donate . Please include “In honor of The Closer” on your donation. The Foundation will keep track of these special donations and provide G.W. Bailey and the cast with the list of people who donated (names only, not dollar amount).

Thank You so Very Much!!

TNT, Warner Bros. & The Sunshine Kids Foundation have approved this fundraiser.

For more information about The Sunshine Kids Foundation, please visit this link: www.sunshinekids.org/who-we-are .

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