Saturday, May 3, 2008

CSI NY and CSI (LV) Highly Watchable; CSI Miami Highly Laughable

Last December, I called CSI NY ”the weak sibling.” I’ve also been indifferent, ok , maybe happy, with Jorja Fox leaving leaving CSI quite some time ago.

But now I’d like to go on record to say that I don’t think CSI NY is the weak sibling any more, and I think with Jorja Fox leaving CSI, the show has become stronger than ever.

Starting with the “original recipe” CSI, they’ve been turning out some really interesting episodes as of late. Grissom’s Divine Comedy which aired in April was an excellent episode, with fantastic acting from everyone including the guest star, and a story that provided a challenging case for a change. And the episode that just aired on May 1, “The Theory of Everything” was light and comedic, and actually somewhat believable. The chemistry between characters seems solid, and more and more I find myself enjoying the interaction between Hodges (Wallace Langham) and Grissom (William Petersen), and Grissom's feeling of being “stalked” by him. To me, Grissom has much better chemistry with Hodges than any other character on the show, maybe because they are alike in many ways?

Now, on to CSI NY. I take back everything I said about the show when I wrote about it here last December. Maybe because the 333 stalker is gone, maybe because they seem to be focusing less on personal relationships, but the show just seems more compelling now. I actually find myself caring about what happens to the characters, and yes, I am even starting to think that Gary Sinise is doing a good job in his role. Maybe it’s better because the new on-going storyline with the cab killer is more interesting and a better fit for the show, and seems, at least for now, a little less personally tied to any one of the characters. It seems to be adding more suspense to the show, something that I think has been lacking for a while.

Now, since I mention two shows in the CSI franchise, I can’t leave this topic without mentioning CSI Miami. It’s horrific, it’s campy, it has scenery-chewer and drama queen David Caruso in it. It’s probably the laughing stock of serious drama. But, I watch it every single week. I know the show has a huge following world wide, and I know Caruso probably has the most rabid fan base – ranging from stalkers to haters – out there, probably more so than any other actor. (Well, Vincent D’Onofrio could fit that same description, but I digress.) Every week, as I watch the show, I poke holes in their forensics, their acting, their clothes, their stories – everything. Yet. I. Still. Watch. It is probably an illness of some sort, I know. But maybe it’s because I know it’s so bad that makes me feel OK with continuing on. So I now proclaim CSI Miami as the weak sibling. I also find myself wondering if they ever brought this show to the level of storylines and acting in the other two CSI franchise shows, this show could really kill.

And how to do that is certainly a mystery, maybe even worthy of Horatio Caine.

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