Monday, November 19, 2007

Ann Curry - The Talent Right Underneath Our Noses

Is it my imagination, or has the departure of Katie Couric from The Today Show been the best thing for Ann Curry?

It certainly seems like the dark shadow of Katie has moved away, and has allowed the limelight to shine onto Ann. It’s not as if Ann wasn’t visible before that, it seems that she has just suddenly started to get more attention for her hard work. Last year, she did a gripping story on the plight of the people of Darfur. She’s interviewed world leaders and asks tough questions that some struggle to answer. Most recently, she made a trek to the South Pole, and also did a heart-wrenching, almost horrifying story on how disabled children are being treated in Serbia.

Today is Ann’s 50th birthday, and The Today Show did a short piece about Ann and her contributions. Seeing her on the show almost every weekday morning, I never realized what an accomplished reporter she is. Over the years, she’s become so much more than a woman who just sits there and reads the teleprompter. She’s involved herself in the important stories of our times, and worked hard to bring the spotlight, and emotional perspective, on subjects that many may find too tough to cover.

I wouldn’t be a stretch to see Ann sitting in the anchor chair for a major television network. So Katie and the rest of the gang – watch what’s coming up behind you. That sound you hear could be Ann Curry pulling the anchor chair from underneath you.

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