Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Law & Order SVU hits rock bottom

The episode that aired Tuesday, November 6, 2007 (“Svengali”) is proof positive that with this season of L&O SVU, the show has finally hit bottom. I think that SVU should now stand for “Something Very Ugly”.

Clearly the show has been dumbed down to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Here’s the evidence:

1. The detectives need their TARU group in order to identify the image of Venus De Milo. I would think anyone with an 8th grade education could do it without the computers. And why couldn’t the image recognition software also make the connection with the elevator murder with the images in the graphic novel? How did the detectives rationalize the fact that the woman in the bar was just abducted yet by the time the police got to the bar there was this elaborate drawing – in blood – on the floor?

2. Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) is threatened, yet doesn’t give a second thought to a pizza delivery made to her that she didn’t order? Isn’t that the oldest trick in the book? And isn’t it weird that Fin (Ice-T) just knew there was a pizza in it because it FELT like there was one? Wouldn’t the first instinct be to open it up? No…because they had to find a way to get it to explode without really killing anyone.

3.What detective in their right mind wouldn't be suspicious of a loose light bulb outside their apartment, right after a threat was made on her life? Why was there no police detail on her since those threats AND after the bomb?

4.I still can’t figure out how someone can go unnoticed burying anything at a gravesite, much less something so deep into the ground. Are we to expect that slight-build girl did all that digging?

Let’s not forget the wooden acting of Adam Beach, who clearly graduated from the “Elisabeth Rohm School of Acting”. In fact, he makes Elisabeth's acting look good. Maybe we SHOULD forget Adam Beach.

Are we sure that the “Hollywood Writers” weren’t already on strike, and this episode was written by fanfic people? It was amateur at best. (Sorry, no insult was meant to fanfic people.)

The preview for next week – Elliot (Chris Meloni) goes blind – seems like an act of desperation.

SVU may soon find itself off my watch list if the poor quality of storylines continues this season.

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Hannah said...

YOU really need to chill to the lax. it's a TV show first off and if you were a real fan of SVU, you wouldn't bash it. And did you ever think that perhaps Olivia unscrews the light bulb? I DO AT MY OWN HOUSE! That didn't prove a thing. And secondly, who told you that people put bombs in pizza boxes!!??? And most Fanfiction writers, myself included, are really good at writing Fanfics. Perhaps YOU should stop reading lemons!Maybe you- if the show is honestly that appaling to you- should just stop watching SVU, kk? : P

Anonymous said...

Wow Hannah, someone needs to lay off the caffeine.

I agree with this blogger. There were threats made on Olivia's life, and someone should have been highly suspicious of anything delivered to the squad that wasn't ordered by someone at the squad. And Olivia seemed careless herself and her carelessness allowed her to be attacked. She should know better.

I enjoy watching SVU too, but even I thought this episode was a dud.

Remember, the word "fan" comes from the word "fanatic", and you sound like you may be the latter.