Monday, November 12, 2007

A burning question about "Shark" - James Woods

I've been watching "Shark" since it started, with the exception of a few episodes. I have one question that bugs me every week:

Where are James Woods' eyebrows?

I just find it so strange that they seem to be missing. I feel like I need to take an eyebrow pencil and draw them onto his face.

About the show in general, I'm not quite sure why I watch it. The story lines are dull, Woods over-acts, the rest of the cast is lifeless and there seems to be little chemistry, and the dialog is predictable. The show would be greatly improved if they would get rid of the story line about his daughter (played by Danielle Panabaker). I mean really, for a show that airs at 10 PM, who wants to see what seems to be such a juvenile story line?

I sense that soon "Shark" will drop off my watch list, as I did with "Cold Case" last season.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He's creepy looking to begin with, but the lack of any facial hair what-so-ever is downright scary. I can't watch Shark for fear of wetting myself!