Sunday, November 11, 2007

Saturday night TV – a vast wasteland

What can I say about network TV on Saturday night except it’s a vast wasteland of reruns. NBC is even passing along shows that the TV Guide has marked as “new” when they are just reruns of new episodes shown earlier in the week.

Is there so little creativity out there that no one can come up with something fresh for Saturday? Does network TV have such little respect for anyone out of the 18-49 year old demographic that they can’t come up with shows that cater to the 40-60 crowd? After all, that group may have a lot more money to spend, despite the fact that they may be more cautious on how they spend it.

A few years ago, networks also seemed to be abandoning Friday night. It still has the stigma of being a day and time where shows go to die. NBC almost killed Law & Order there (had the bad acting of Elisabeth Rohm not killed it first). But lately they are trying to offer better shows on Friday, like Numb3rs and the new – but a little rough around the edges – Women’s Murder Club.

So networks, let’s get with it. I’d support advertisers who are interested in me. Get some decent shows out there on Saturday and you may find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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Anonymous said...

Women's Murder Club, by any stretch of the imagination a good show? You're kidding me! The acting is lousy, as Angie HArmon has still not learned anything beyond the range she showed so well on Law and Order-she can do a smirk, and a snarl, and thats about it. Somehow, they've managed to find two more "actresses" just as adept. And, whats worse, all three have that odd sophomoric technique of seemingly looking at the camera, while at the same time, looking at the other characters, as if not fully involved in the scene or dialogue. Its as if they're all saying, "Hey Ma! Look at me! I'm on the television!" while reciting lines.
And you think Elisabeth Rohm was bad on Law and Order? As someone who's worked with a lot of older men in a male dominated field (and company), THAT is how a woman with any brains comports herself in the workplace. You don't flirt, you don't joke around, you find a happy medium between not hiding your brains, while at the same time, not appearing boastful about your abilities.
Elisabeth Rohm, and before her, Carey Lowell, are the two main reasons so many women kept watching Law and Order, despite poor scripts and storylines all these years.

I Like to Watch TV said...

I never said Women's Murder Club was a good show. I just said it was better than what they had be showing on Friday nights.

Angie Harmon IS wooden on the WMC. As I said, the show has rough edges. As far as Elisabeth, I don't see her working on any TV series right now, which may speak to her "hireability". I actually thought she was very good when she was on the short-lived show "Bull" on TNT, but I think she lost her way while on Law & Order. I also saw her on the short-lived "Masters of Science Fiction" and thought she was awful.

Thanks for your comments and for visiting and I hope you come back!

I Like to Watch TV