Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Television

Everybody likes to vegetate on Thanksgiving. For me, I can’t stand to watch the Macy’s parade for longer than 5 minutes. I suppose if I had young kids at home I would be forced to watch it. Now that Macy’s has taken over the area’s Kauffman stores and the selection and quality has gone downhill, I like the parade even less. But I digress.

What we can be thankful for on Thanksgiving is the whole host of other TV choices that are available to us. As a child, I recall having only 3 networks (NBC, ABC, and CBS) and once UHF became available, a PBS station and maybe one other local station. Now, with cable and satellite TV, there are hundreds of channels at a viewer’s fingertips, some in beautiful HD. Yes, I know there are times that there is still nothing on, but it’s still amazing from what one has to choose.

Of course, networks can get a little lazy with programming on Thanksgiving, after all, they deserve a holiday too. This brings us the ubiquitous marathons of select TV shows. I did a quick check and saw USA is showing Law & Orders SVU and CI; TNT seems to be showing Charmed. But there are a host of other marathons going on at that time on other channels. Let’s not forget adding NFL games into the mix, although I do tire of seeing the Lions and the Cowboys every year.

Then there are the other holidays. On Christmas Eve, TNT airs a 24-hour marathon of the movie “A Christmas Story.” insuring everyone has a chance to see it, or at least part of it. Of course, there are the usual New Year’s showings of The Twilight Zone on Sci-Fi, spanning more than 24 hours.

Still, the best thing about Thanksgiving is the long afternoon nap, where you sleep through it all. That is the best part of all.

Enjoy the holiday!

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