Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Las Vegas" - Fictional Vegas Falls Short

Last Friday, since there wasn’t a new episode of Numb3rs, I decided to watch Las Vegas on NBC. I watched the show during its first year, but stopped when I realized that there HAD to be something better available.

After watching Friday’s episode, I found myself asking, “Why is this show still on television?” It was absolutely devoid of anything substantial.

For those of you who have never watched this show (lucky you!), it revolves around various happenings at the fictional Las Vegas casino, the Montecito. In previous years, Ed Deline, played by a pasty-looking James Caan, headed the Montecito. What a comedown for Caan, I say. This season, Ed was replaced by Jim Cooper, played by Tom Selleck, who probably could stand to lose a few pounds and get in shape.

This particular episode involved Mike – a guy who used to be a valet but now seems to be head honcho of security – going through a Dickens-ish Christmas Carol storyline, with some of the Montecito women playing the various Dickens’ ghosts. How many ways can I say it was mind-numbingly horrible? Once is probably enough.

There were various excuses to showcase scantily clad women throughout the show, which I assume is the real purpose of the show. But, to give you a clue at how bad the show is, even with all the cleavage showing, my husband said the show was one of the worst hours on television he'd seem in a while. It seems like the show is tailored for the 14-18 year old male demographic, most of which are probably asleep or out partying at 10:00 on a Friday night.

I found myself wondering why NBC passed on Law & Order Criminal Intent for this Friday night slot, instead of moving it to the USA Network? It seems to me that CI is of much higher quality than the likes of Las Vegas and would draw more viewers.

In the case of this show, what happens in fictional Vegas should STAY in fictional Vegas, and off the TV screen.

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thisthatandblog said...

I am in absolute agreement. This show is horrible in so many ways. Ridiculous plots, horrible acting, and what it says about women -- ugh. I really love James Caan, which is what kept me watching as long as I did. And I love Tom Selleck so when I read he was back, I watched two episodes. OMG -- poor Tom.

Anonymous said...

I love Vegas. And I have no idea why - it's all the things you said about it - but I've watched it from the beginning, through the worst episodes (which included the Christmas Carol). But I look forward to it - I never miss it, and I tape it if I can't be home.
And I'm female, perfectly aware of what it says about women, etc. I still love it. Never been to Vegas in my life, and have no desire to ever go there. maybe it's like cotton candy - no nutritous value at all - no reason for anyone to eat it- but people still love it.