Friday, November 4, 2011

Harry’s Law “American Girl” Behind The Scenes Video & Mark Valley Interview

Here are the episode details, an interview clip with Mark Valley, and a behind the scenes look at Harry’s Law “American Girl”

Harry’s Law “American Girl” Air Date November 9, 2011 9 PM ET Wednesday NBC

GEORGE WENDT ("CHEERS") GUEST STARS - HARRY MUST DEFEND HERSELF AGAINST A SMALL TOWN FOR FAILING TO DRIVE AN AMERICAN MADE CAR – While Harry (Kathy Bates) is on vacation, her trip takes a frustrating turn when the small town of Langford, Ohio impounds her Mercedes Benz for violating their “Buy American” law. Harry, with Oliver (Mark Valley) at her side, challenges the town’s law and is pit against a young, homespun attorney and the engine behind the law, Langford’s mayor, Franklin Chickory (George Wendt). Meanwhile Adam (Nate Corddry) represents the Chens, a Chinese family whose daughter was stolen because of China’s one-child policy and adopted by American parents. With Cassie’s (Karen Olivo) help, Adam hopes to win custody for the Chens. Christopher McDonald also stars.

I am sorry, but the videos are no longer available.

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